Allegany County Heroin and Opioid RFP


In 2016 the Allegany County Board of Legislators enacted the Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Ad-Hoc Committee; a diverse group of individuals representing all sectors of the community committed to addressing the problem of heroin and opioid abuse. This group was charged to advise county leaders on this vital topic and raise community awareness about the issue.

The Committee reviewed research, commissioned experts to identify promising solutions, and crafted strategies as a guiding framework to improve services for those impacted by heroin and opioid abuse. This was accomplished through policy research, reviewing intervention strategies, identifying service trends and gaps, and speaking to those directly impacted by heroin and opioid abuse; including service providers, individuals living in recovery, individuals living in active addiction, family, friends and caregivers. Critical needs and priorities were identified while workgroups were established to take a deeper dive into four (4) overriding areas: Prevention, Treatment, Recovery, and Enforcement.

Ultimately, the Committee adopted the Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Abuse Ad-Hoc Committee Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was approved by the Allegany County Human Services Committee and the Allegany County Board of Legislator as part of the Allegany County Comprehensive Plan.


The Request for Proposal (RFP) represents the recommendations as outlined in the Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Strategic Sharpening Plan and provides a framework for addressing the local heroin and opioid crisis while defining the county’s future investment.

The ACCS Substance Use Disorder Committee anticipates awarding contracts that will not exceed $15,000.00. There are two types of proposals that would be acceptable;

  1. Short term or one time event.
  2. Long term programing or service provided.

The RFP’s can be submitted twice a year, August 31 and February 28th The RFP’s that are selected for funding will be notified in November for the August cycle and May for the February submission.

Those awarded will be selected based on the highest scoring applicants. Successful applicants will embrace the following Strategic Priorities:

Strategic Priority 1. Transition the Ad-Hoc Committee to a long term sustainable model. This has been achieved by transitioning to the Community Service Board Substance Use Disorder Committee.

Strategic Priority 2. To build a strong, dedicated workforce of professionals and community individuals/stakeholders representing all sectors that can directly impact the heroin and opioid crisis in Allegany County through increased professional development and educational training, skill building, and best-practice strategies.

Strategic Priority 3. To increase awareness of, and access to, primary and secondary prevention efforts leading to a decrease in use, misuse and abuse of heroin and opioids, enable people who start misusing opioids to quickly quit, and expand harm reduction practices with opioid misuse.

Strategic Priority 4. To support long-term recovery for individuals struggling with heroin and opioid addiction and provide resources for those impacted by a loved­ one’s addiction.

All project goals, objectives, activities and deliverables must conform to the Strategic Sharpening Plan and mini-grant proposals must comply with application requirements.


Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Ad-Hoc Strategic Sharpening Plan 2018-2021

Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Request for Proposal