Tobacco Cessation

What’s Your Reason to Quit?

Everyone has their own reasons for quitting their tobacco use. Maybe they want to be healthier, save some money, or keep their family safe. As you prepare to quit, think about your own reasons for quitting. Remind yourself of them every day. They can inspire you to stop using tobacco for good. Whatever your reasons, you will be amazed at all the ways your life will improve when you become tobacco free.

Prepare to Quit

We get it, quitting is hard. But, it is easier if you prepare ahead of time. When you feel like you are ready to quit, START by following these 5 steps.

  1. Set a Quit Date – pick a date within the next two weeks to quit using tobacco. This will give you enough time to prepare. Really think about your quit date. Avoid choosing a day where you know you will be busy, stressed, or tempted to use tobacco.
  2. Tell Family and Friends You Plan to Quit – quitting tobacco is easier when the people in your life support you. Let them know you are planning to quit. Explain how they can help you quit. We all need different things, so be sure you let friends and family know exactly how they can help.
  3. Anticipate and Plan for Challenges While Quitting – quitting tobacco is hardest during the first few weeks. You will deal with uncomfortable feelings, temptations to smoke/chew, withdrawal symptoms, and cigarette cravings. An important part of preparing to quit is anticipating these challenges.
  4. Remove Cigarettes and Other Tobacco from your Home, Car, and Work – you will be tempted to smoke during your quit attempt. Stay strong; you can do it! Removing things that remind you of smoking will get you ready to quit.
  5. Talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist about Quit Options – it is difficult to quit tobacco on your own, but quitting “cold turkey” is not your only option. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about other support options. Most doctors and pharmacists can answer your questions, give advice, and tell you where to get quit smoking help.

Local Contact:

Community Educator Ann Weaver, (585) 593-1920 ext.713.

New York State Contact:

New York Smokers’ Quitline, 1-866-NY-QUITS, visit